MI Campus Compact :: Faculty/Staff Community Service-Learning Award

The Michigan Campus Compact​ recognizes outstanding community service and service-learning by faculty and staff of member institutions. The Faculty/Staff Community Service-Learning Award is given to one person from each campus who engages or influences students to be involved in community service or service-learning through modeling, influence, or instruction. Each member cam​pus has the opportunity to nominate one recipient who has this influence on students. This special recognition of contributions to campus and community highlights the very best in higher education.

A call for nominations is sent out to the CMU campus community during the Fall of each year. Instructions and criteria for nominating a faculty member are included in this annoucement. 

Visit the CMU Service Learning page​ for more information on how to incorporate Service Learning into your course.

2011-2012 :: Dr. Michael Garver

Service-learning projects with the university and local businesses are a key ingredient of Dr. Michael Garver’s teaching and learning philosophy. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Garver’s classes have conducted over 18 service-learning projects with Central Michigan University and local businesses. CMU projects have include​d working with the volunteer center, leadership institute, study abroad, and career services. Service-learning projects with local businesses have included Entertainment Publications, Dixie Dave’s Wild Game Soup, and Chicken Soup for the Soul in the Classroom. Recently, Dr. Garver’s students have helped to connect and engage CMU alumni. During the Chicken Soup for the Soul project, Dr. Garver’s class conducted market research and developed a marketing strategy for the author of this book, Anna Unkovich. Students conducted secondary and primary research, which led to many unique and innovative strategies that could be implemented by Anna. By the end of the project, the working relationship and bond between the students and Anna was incredibly strong. In addition, learning was intense and in high gear. The project was “life changing” for all involved. Many of Dr. Garver’s service-learning projects are designed to provide students with experience and confidence so they can go out and have a direct impact on their communities and the issues that matter to them.

How and why Dr. Garver is successful with Service-Learning:

“In the marketing field, service is one of the best avenues for students to gain the crucial experience they will need to understand the profession and ask the questions that only reflection on their experiences can lead them to.

I believe that empowering students to create marketing campaigns for real products, events and services not only instills the confidence they will need as professionals but it also shows them that they can have an impact on things that matter to them. Service-Learning always provides a win-win situation for both my students and for the community or individual partner. My success using service-learning is best assessed by the positive feedback I get from both students and our partners, this feedback has helped me to improve on every project and I am always rewarded by the positive impact of each project.”   

2009-2010 :: Dr. Pamela A. Saragiani

Dr. Pamela A. Saragiani, Human Development and Family Studies, Central Michigan University has been awarded the Michigan Campus Compact 2009-2010 Faculty/Staff Community Service-Learning Award.

Dr. Saragiani is being recognized for her consistent dedication and passion for connecting students to service-learning throughout our home community. As students become engaged in her Human Development and Family Studies service-learning projects, their lives are transformed. They become concerned, active citizens of the world, helping organizations like the Bay Area Women’s Center, the Isabella County Child and Family Enrichment Council, the Mt. Pleasant Community Education’s Even Start program, and the Isabella County Medical Care facility, solving real-world problems by implementing their course knowledge and a variety of life-long collaboration skills. Their understanding and application of her course content becomes a living, productive contribution to a world in need of creative solutions and hard work. The service her students provided is complemented by intent reflection, helping them to not only integrate what they are learning, but to also take pivotal steps toward meaningful careers.

These are amazing accomplishments for students and CMU has another model of how transformative a college education can be. One of her students told about her experience working with the Bay Area Women’s Center and the Isabella County Medical Care facility:

“This project touched the lives of many individuals upon all levels of the life span.  Multiple communities and a network of associations were also touched by the students and faculty. It was a great experience as well as an honor working with a committed professional that was engaged in the project from beginning to end.”
Congratulations and thanks for going the extra mile to plan and implement these outstanding service-learning experiences for students – and for the many positive outcomes they have achieved.


Past CMU Winners

  • 2008 - Vincent Mumford
  • 2007 - Abalo Adewui​
  • 2006 - Dr. Bruce Frost
  • 2006 - Dr. Tom Kromer (Service-Learning Lifetime Achievement Award)
  • 2005 - Dr. Tim Otteman
  • 2004 - Dr. Lynn Dominguez
  • 2003 - Dr. Lorrie Ryan and Dr. Jim McDonald
  • 2002 - Ms. Cara Wicks-Ortega
  • 2001 - Dr. Shelly Hinck
  • 1999  -Dr. Jim Pahz
  • 1998 - Dr. Edward Hinck
  • 1997 - Dr. Phame Camarena
  • 1995 - Dr. Robert Lindhal
  • 1994 - Dr. Tom Kromer
  • 1993 - Dr. Harry Mika
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