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FaCIT is proud to recognize our internal staff and colleagues across the University for many reasons. If you, or someone that you know, deserves a little bit of publicity for going above and beyond to improve the teaching and learning in higher education environments, we'd love to help you get the word out. Please send an email to our webmaster with a short description of why you or a colleague should be recognized and we will do our best to give the individual their five minutes of fame. Submissions (text, .pdfs, photos, links, media, +) can be sent to Brian A. Roberts at rober1ba@cmich.edu​. Submissions will be considered by the FaCIT staff and added to the web site as appropriate.​


Awarding and recognizing faculty for their exemplary teaching and service is essential. FaCIT’s role is to help orchestrate and collaborate with​ faculty, students, administration, and key Academic Senate committees (e.g., the Excellence in Teaching Award Committee) to ensure an open and accessible process for nominations and selections of faculty for each award listed below.​ Click each award to read more.​

External Awards

In addition to CMU-based teaching awards, several faculty have won awards at the State or National level in the following three award categories:



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