GLCTL :: 2016 Keynote Presenters


​​​​​Monday Keynote

Michael Haggans
Visiting Professor, Center for 21st Century Universities, Georgia Institute of Technology
Visiting Scholar, College of Design, 
University of Minnesota

"What is the Classroom"​

Once a classroom was little more than the shade of a tree.  In the first world of the 20th century the classroom became a six-sided box with ever more elaborate capabilities.  Now the technology that enables those capabilities is dissolving the sides of the box.  But this is not a return to the shade of a tree.  This is a form of classroom that has not existed before with access to all the bits and pieces of the world. In such a place and time, what is a classroom? Why should it be at the center of the world?

Tuesday Keynote​​


Leigh A. Hall
Associate Professor, Literacy Studies, 
​University of North Carolina​

"Doing the Impossible: Using Technology to Transform Teaching and Learning"

Doing the Impossible: Using Technology to Transform Teaching and Learning: Using technology in your teaching can seem exciting and overwhelming. With so many options, where should you start? What will make the biggest impact on your students? How can you use technology in ways that shift your teaching and your students' learning? You will learn how to identify and use technological tools in ways that will work for you, get you excited about teaching, and reshape the learning environment.​

Wednesday Keynote

Troy Hicks.jpg

Troy Hicks
Teaching and Learning Consultant, 
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, 
​Professor of English, ​
Central Michigan University

"With Literacy and Learning for All"
As students move from novice to expert in various fields of study, they must become familiar with specialized vocabulary, patterns of thinking, and specific uses of language. More than just integrating reading and writing strategies across the curriculum, as effective teachers we must invite students to become fluent in what are now being labeled as "disciplinary literacies," the spaces where content knowledge, literacy skills, and critical thinking all connect. Bring your favorite device, because in this interactive keynote we will explore a variety of tools and ideas that can help our students learn how to read, write, and think like experts in our own classrooms and beyond.​