PrintQ Student Printing Service


The PrintQ service supports CMU's sustainability goals by promoting responsible, thoughtful printing.


  1. Each registered undergraduate student will be given an allocation of 250 pages black-and-white printing ($10.00) for each term (Fall, Spring and Summer), and each graduate student will receive 375 pages of black-and-white printing ($15.00) for each term. The print allocation will be added either at the start of the term or, in the case of late registration, within 24 hours. Students registered for future terms, but not the current term, will not receive a base PrintQ allocation for the current term.

  2. The print balance is based on black-and-white print costs being factored at $0.04 per page (250 x $0.04 = $10.00 for undergraduates, and 375 x $0.04 = $15.00 for graduates). Color printing will deduct $0.32 per page from your print allocation.

  3. A few areas on campus provide premium printing and/or larger page sizes. Look for signage in these areas for specific details on how printing there will impact your print allocation.

  4. Double-sided black-and-white prints will deduct $0.08 per physical page from your allocation ($0.64 cents for color). Double-sided printing (duplex) is still encouraged, when possible, as it is more environmentally conscious. However, due to the increase in maintenance and toner costs required for double-sided printing, there is no substantial cost savings associated with duplex printing.

  5. In most cases, students can expect to receive an immediate notice via a "pop-up" message when their current balance is insufficient to print the current print job.

  6. In most cases, students can expect to receive a "pop-up" message for every print job. This message will present the student with the print job's total cost and his or her remaining balance, and it will ask for confirmation before printing.

  7. Due to technical and/or security limitations, "pop-up" functionality will not be available in a few locations. These areas will be clearly marked with posters indicating that printing in one of these locations will still utilize the PrintQ service. Printouts that exceed the available allocation will not be printed, and no error messages will be returned. Students printing in these areas will need to manually monitor their balance within the My Account section of CentralLink (or directly by clicking here).

  8. Individual student charges and print balances will be tracked by the appropriate CMU Global ID.

  9. Students can check their current PrintQ balance within the My Account section of CentralLink (or directly by clicking here).

  10. If a student needs to purchase additional print allocation, he/she can do so within the My Account section of CentralLink (or directly by clicking here). Print allocation additions will be charged directly to the student's account. Because of the risk of forfeiting an unused balance (see item 15 below), students can only purchase pages in increments of $2.00 (50 black-and-white pages).

  11. Unused pages of your base print allocation per term are not carried forward.

  12. Unused pages of any purchased allocation (item 10 above) are carried forward to the next term.

  13. On occasion, a printer may not produce a page of an acceptable quality. Students who encounter such a situation and wish to receive credit for a failed print job may bring it to the OIT Help Desk (Park Library, room 101) so that their account can be credited. Some computer labs may also have local lab monitors with authorization to make a decision on credits.

  14. Faculty and Staff employees will be not be given a printing allocation, but may also purchase print allocation in increments of $2.00 (50 black-and-white pages).

  15. Unused pages of any purchased increase in allocation will be forfeited at the start of a term following three continuous unregistered terms. Refunds will not be made. Students, especially those approaching graduation, should exercise judgment regarding allocation purchases so as to not leave a significant balance at the end of the semester.

  16. Unused pages of any purchased allocation increase will be retained indefinitely for employees for the duration of their employment at CMU.