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Career Development Network

The Career Development Network is a network of faculty and staff who are dedicated to engaging students in the career development process to help them reach their career goals. Members of the network have access to training and resources to help guide students along their career paths. The Career Development Network has four levels of involvement:

  • Advocates have a desire to be knowledgeable of career development services and programs available to students. They receive regular updates from the Career Development Center about upcoming programs and activities.
  • Champions believe that one of the primary roles of the university is to prepare students for productive careers. They engage students in the career development process through informal conversations, programs, and classroom interventions. All Champions attend a training session that provides an overview of career development theory and examples of best practices for engaging students in career conversations.
  • Fellows are interested in exploring and implementing career readiness interventions in their courses and programs. Fellows attend a series of training sessions that provide foundational knowledge about career development theory and practice. The fellowship culminates with the implementation of new career readiness interventions.
  • Research Associates engage in research projects with the Career Development Center that will result in conference presentations and/or publications.