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Confirming Student Knowledge

Explore this collection to discover how to design and implement valuable assessments that will gauge your students' learning in HyFlex, remote, and face-to-face environments. Materials provided also examine various assessment tools and the inherent value that accompanies effective instructional technology integration. From classroom “check-ins” to cumulative exams, the resources below provide evidence-based, time-saving, and integrity-encouraging strategies to enhance our assessment practices.  

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) Series

This 2-part video series highlights the value of using classroom assessment techniques and how to implement them in face-to-face and remote classrooms.

  • Classroom Assessment Techniques Part One (4:07)
    In part one of this video series, we’ll highlight the value of CATs and provide a brief overview of the platforms you can use for implementation in your course(s). 
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques Part Two (7:36)
    In part two of our Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) series, we’ll share a few ways MS Teams, WebEx, and Blackboard can be used for in-class assessment.

Creating Effective Blackboard Assignments (10:06) 

This video will provide helpful advice and resources to create and implement assignments in Blackboard while effectively measuring the students’ learning. 

Assessment Creation Series

In this 3-part series, our CIS Blackboard Expert discusses assessment creation considerations along with methods for building, configuring, and deploying tests in Bb.  

Testing Online with Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor

This 2-part video series introduces the Respondus online exam security software tools and explains how to use them.   

Additional Resources

Here is a list of hand-picked resources and tutorials on topics specifically related to this category. Some of these are mentioned within and pertain to the items above, while others are included as additional instructive material.
Note: some links will require a CMICH login for access. 

For additional help and training on educational technologies, such as Blackboard, WebEx, Panopto, and more, check out our Tackling the Technology page.

For technical assistance, the first point of contact is the OIT Help Desk. Additional resources and contact information are available on the Office of Information Technology’s Help Desk page

If additional assistance and consultation are needed, the CIS staff are available to support you. Contact us at or call 989-774-3615.