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Sample Course Expectations for HyFlex Learners

  • Read the entire syllabus and know the policies for each class in which you are enrolled – pay attention to deadlines and due dates!
  • If you choose to video-conference into the class, make sure your computer set-up is ready for it – webcam, microphone, high-speed internet.
  • Check the Course Calendar, Announcements, in Blackboard and your email regularly (at least 2-3 times per week).
  • Keep current on class recordings, if not attending the live class (either in person or online).
  • Keep current with all course assignments, quizzes, and examinations.
  • Ask questions and communicate with the instructor.
  • Remember that the greater degree of online learning you choose means that you also assume greater responsibility for your own learning outcomes. 

Adapted from What to Expect in a HyFlex Course from Texas A&M University (2017)