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Tackling the Technology

This collection is provided to help you learn about the various educational and technological tools currently at your fingertips, including how to tackle classroom technology, you may not have experienced before. With the goal of maximizing the teaching and learning experience, these resources are geared to support instructors as they enhance their classroom and teaching practices through the implementation of supported technology.

Transforming your Blackboard Shell to Transform your Teaching Series

This 2-part video series supports your teaching by highlighting Blackboard shell features designed to present and engage learners with your content.

Creating Effective Blackboard Assignments (10:06) 

This video will provide helpful advice and resources to create and implement assignments in Blackboard while effectively measuring the students’ learning. 

Function and Features of Blackboard Grade Center Series

In this 2 part video series, you will learn about the setup and useful functions of various features of the Blackboard Grade Center.

Assessment Creation Series

In this 3 part series, our CIS Blackboard Expert discusses assessment creation considerations along with methods for building, configuring, and deploying tests in Bb.  

Testing Online with Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor

This 2-part video series introduces the Respondus online exam security software tools and explains how to use them.   

Collaborative Learning with MS Teams and WebEx (5:07)

In this video, we show how collaborative learning opportunities can be managed using MS Teams and WebEx. 

Install and Use MS Teams on Your Mobile Device (5:03)   

In this video, faculty member Dr. Doug Lapp, explains how to install, sign in, and manage Microsoft Teams on your mobile device. 

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) Series

In this 2-part video series, we highlight the value of using classroom assessment techniques and how to implement them in face-to-face and remote classrooms.

  • Classroom Assessment Techniques Part One (4:07)
    In part one of this video series, we’ll highlight the value of CATs, and provide a brief overview of the platforms you can use for implementation in your course(s).
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques Part Two (7:36)
    In part two of our series on Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs), we’ll share a few ways MS Teams, WebEx, and Blackboard can be used for in-class assessment. 

Teaching with WebEx Tour 

The following resources provide a tour and explanation of WebEx synchronous technology features, including best practices for hosting a live class meeting and hosting office hours.

Quick Tips for Webex

Check out these tips to make your WebEx class or meeting run smoothly!

Securing Your WebEx Room

OIT and CIS outline some tips to help you schedule and secure your Webex “classroom”. 

Introduction to Chipcast  (5:23)

This video provides an introduction to Chipcast, CMU’s streaming video platform, and offers an end-to-end solution for recording, editing, and sharing media learning objects in your course(s).

Best Practices for Recording Content for your Courses (7:54)

Before sitting down to record, follow these 5 best practices to create media that students will want to watch. 

Supplemental Resource: Tips and Tricks for Remote Video Set-up - Check out some helpful media recording info from our peer teaching and learning colleagues at the University of Arizona.

DIY Content Creation (6:55)

This video demystifies some common misconceptions about DIY content creation and provides tips for recording excellent media learning objects.

For technical assistance, the first point of contact is the OIT Help Desk. Additional resources and contact information are available on the  Office of Information Technology’s Help Desk page.  

If additional assistance and consultation are needed, the CIS staff are available to support you. Contact us at or call 989-774-3615.