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Curriculum Mapping Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask Before Curriculum Mapping

These are just ideas. Surely, your work team will raise their own questions/concerns that are useful to explore through a mapping process.

  • What are your goals in undertaking curriculum mapping (internal/external, documentation/CQI, alignment/consistency, meeting requirements, etc.)? 
  • How do these goals tie to items you might want to see on a curriculum map or maps (SLOs, methods, assessments, specifics of sequence, etc.)? 
  • What level of data (course, discipline, program) are you interested in mapping? 
  • What kind of time and resources do you have for undertaking this work (short-term vs. ongoing)? 

Questions to Ask After Curriculum Mapping

Similar to the list above, these are just ideas. We have no doubt your work team will raise questions/concerns related to the mapping activities that impact their own.

  • Is the curriculum coherent: 
    • Vertically? What students learn in one unit, course, or year prepares them for the next unit, course, or year without gaps or unnecessary redundancy. 
    • Horizontally? What students learn in one section mirrors what they learn in another section with similar methods & assessments.
    • Program-Level? Educators across a program are working toward the same learning standards using similar methodologies and quality of instruction with balanced content coverage. 
  • Are standards or outcomes: 
    • Communicated in an easy-to-understand format? 
    • Communicated in an easy-to-observe or easy-to-measure format? 
    • Engaging for students? 
    • Aligned to individual courses or units? 
    • Aligned to individual assessments? 
    • Promoting higher order processing?