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Resources for Ongoing, Independent Learning

Here, we identify emerging resources for ongoing, independent learning related to instructional design, teaching methods, and instructional technologies. Our lists are focused on less formal outlets with more immediacy here. You may also check out our list of teaching and learning-related conferences .

If you're seeking a list of more formal, peer-reviewed outlets for this sort of learning, the University of Washington has compiled a great starting point of journals on teaching and learning. Your  subject area librarian would also be happy to assist if you'd like help locating peer-reviewed sources related to your interests.




EdX Platform

  1. Instructional Design and Technology MicroMasters (4 Courses)
  2. User Experience (UX) Research and Design MicroMasters (9 Courses)
  3. The Science of Learning - What Every Teacher Should Know (1 Course)
  4. Leading Change: Go Beyond Gamification with Gameful Learning (1 Course)
  5. Design Thinking for Leading and Learning (1 Course)

Coursera Platform

  1. Instructional Design 2 Course Master Track Certificate (2 Courses)
  2. Interaction Design Specialization (8 Courses
  3. Game Design and Development Specialization (5 Courses)
  4. e-Learning Ecologies: Innovative Approaches to Teaching & Learning for the Digital Age (1 Course)
  5. Introduction to User Experience Design (1 course)
  6. Gamification (1 course)

Canvas Platform

  1. Instructional Design Service Course: Gain Experience for Good (1 Course)
  2. Instructional Evaluation Service Course: Gain Experience for Good (1 Course)
  3. (HE) Accessibility: Designing and Teaching Courses for All Learners (1 Course)
  4. (HE) E-Learning Environments and E-Learning Design (1 Course)
  5. (K-12) BL-101: Beginning to Blend (1 Course)
  6. Making MOOCs on a Budget (1 Course)

Udemy Platform

  1. Instructional Design Pro: No Beginners Allowed! Series (3 Courses, Enrolled Separately)
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2
    3. Part 3
  2. Introduction to Instructional Design and Creating E-Learning (1 Course)
  3. Instructional Design for E-Learning (1 Course)

OpenLearning Platform

  1. Instructional Design for Effective Learning (1 Course)
  2. Teaching By Design (1 Course)
  3. Active Learning: From Delivery Towards Facilitation (1 Course)
  4. Refining MOOC Instructional Design (1 Course) Video Courses: Education & Instructional Design offers video curricula in a growing span of areas and is a popular training platform in a variety of fields, domains, and organizations. You can secure a 1-month free trial, then pursue an independent license for under $30 monthly. Lynda also offers site licenses.

Sample Titles Available:

  1. Universal Principles of Design
  2. Gamification for Interactive Learning
  3. Teaching Online: Synchronous Classes
  4. Measuring Learning Effectiveness
  5. Teaching Techniques: Blended Learning
  6. The Neuroscience of Learning
  7. Instructional Design: Creating Video Training
  8. Instructional Design: Adult Learners
  9. Flipping the Classroom
  10. How to Design and Deliver Training Programs
  11. Teaching Techniques: Developing Curriculum
  12. Brain-Based Elearning Design
  13. Teaching Techniques: Creating Effective Learning Assessments
  14. Learning How to Increase Learner Engagement
  15. Teaching Techniques: Making Accessible Learning
  16. Core Strategies for Teaching in Higher Ed
  17. Teaching Techniques: Project-Based Learning
  18. Teaching Techniques: Creating Multimedia Learning
  19. Teaching Techniques: Data-Driven Instruction
  20. Teaching Techniques: Classroom Management