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Spring Forward Award for Dual Enrollees

Get started early! Take at least 3 credits this spring and we will award you $750 toward your tuition. 

Contact Alex Bohnsack at to get started.

Frequently asked questions

• Be admitted as a new freshman for either the summer of 2023 or the fall of 2023.
• Enroll as a dual-enrolled student in 3 or more credits during the spring 2023 semester.
• No application is required to obtain the award. It will be automatically applied to your CMU account as long as you meet the awarding criteria.

• Yes, as long as you are dual-enrolled in at least 3 credits over the spring semester.

It depends...

• The CMU employee or other tuition benefit must be used first.
• The Spring Forward award can be stacked to cover tuition costs not already covered by your CMU employee or other tuition benefits, not to exceed tuition charges.
• The Spring Forward award will not cover other fees, like the Student Services Fee or special class fees, or other non-tuition charges, like housing and bookstore charges.

• No. Financial aid for the 2023-2024 academic year will be available starting in the fall of 2023.

• No. High school students are not eligible for financial aid.

• No, you will work with your high school counselor. Some courses may require prerequisites, may be full, or may have other restrictions. 

• Yes, all courses taken at CMU will be figured into your cumulative grade point average.