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Contact Us

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24/7 services

*Please see our times of operation below for more information*

  • Crisis/Support Line - (989) 774-2255
  • SAPA Chat - We are in the process of updating and transitioning this service. Stay tuned for more updates.
  • In-Person - Contact SAPA by calling (989) 774-2255 and request an in-person meeting.

Sexual aggression services

*Times of operation

  • SAPA operates during the CMU academic year. Services are not operational during CMU-recognized breaks nor during the summer semester sessions.
  • Sexual Aggression Services operates year-round. Please contact the director for further information.
  • For crisis and support services during times SAPA is not operational, please see our resources page

Non-crisis/support information

Grievance Form for SAPA

Contacting SAPA for media purposes

  • It is CMU policy that all media inquiries must be first directed to University Communications for approval. This would include radio, newspapers, press releases, etc. as well as interviews for classroom papers and projects. Please email the Executive Director of Communications, Heather Smith (hutch1hl@cmich.edu) for more information.