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Christopher Bracewell

Scholarship Recipient

A young man stands in front of the alumni backdrop.
I am very thankful to receive this scholarship because it will help relieve some of my financial burden of college.  Since I started school at Central Michigan University, I've had a hard time trying to cover the cost.  This led to me having to take a semester off school during my sophomore year to repay debts.  With the help of the scholarship, I will be able to focus on school without stressing about how I'm going to return the next semester.  Once I complete my undergrad degree, I plan to find a full-time job in my career field.  I hope to work for a company that values helping and giving back to the community and those who are in need, like your scholarship does.  Eventually, I plan to return to college to pursue my Masters in Human Resource Management.  I hope to impact others as your scholarship has impacted me.  Once again, I thank you for the generosity and kindheartedness you have shown to me and others through your scholarship.  I am truly honored and humbled to be receiving this scholarship, as it will be my first one since attending CMU.