Soap dispensers generate intrigue

​​Dispensers free from vendor; new contract saves money

November 1​, 2016

You can't help but notice them. And then you, like many others, might ask: Did CMU really spend money on new soap dispensers?

The answer: No. In fact, we're saving a bit of money — $6,000 a year.

The contract for liquid hand soap was up for renewal and put out for bid. Michigan-based KSS Enterprises won the contract. Just like when the previous vendor came in eight years ago, the new provider changed out all the soap dispensers — for free — to fit its refills, said Mary Hill, associate vice president of financial services and reporting/controller.

The company suggested maroon dispensers with the CMU word mark to reinforce the university brand in an unexpected way.

Fun Facts of CMU's Soap Opera of 2016

  • More than 1,600 liquid soap dispensers are being replaced — at no cost to CMU.
  • CMU uses about 570 gallons of liquid hand soap each year.
  • Each new dispenser holds 42 ounces of soap.
  • The KSS Enterprises contract is worth $12,500 a year.
  • Yes, University Communications' brand experts approved the dispenser design.

Wash your hands. The Centers for Disease Control calls hand-washing a do-it-yourself vaccine. CDC guidelines say maximum germ destruction occurs if you scrub long enough to hum "Happy Birthday" twice. (Editor's note: Hum the CMU fight song once. Fire Up Chips!)