Partners abroad and on campus

Chinese university partnership unique to CMU

A new international partnership will bring Central Michigan University’s on-campus and 
Global Campus programs together on a new level.

Beginning this fall, graduate students from Jilin University – Lambton College can
experience CMU’s Master of Science in Administration program face-to-face in China 
and Mount Pleasant. Through the new partnership, students will take their first five 
courses from CMU faculty in China and complete their program at CMU’s main campus 
in Mount Pleasant.

“This program is a new model for CMU that expands our international offerings in a 
unique way,” said Melissa Brun, director of international programs for CMU’s global 

CMU faculty will travel to China to administer the first five classes of the program over 
two semesters on the campus of Jilin University – Lambton College. The students 
can choose to focus on one of the MSA program’s four most popular concentrations, 
which include leadership, general administration, human resources and international 

“This partnership is a step forward for CMU and provides many opportunities to the 
students and the faculty,” said Brun. “Students love having direct access to our faculty 
in the classroom, faculty members will have the opportunity to teach in China, and these 
students will further diversify the Mount Pleasant campus.”

The students, many of which will have completed their undergraduate degrees at Jilin 
University – Lambton College, will go through the program as a cohort. The first group 
will begin the program in August 2014. They will complete their program on CMU’s 
campus in Mount Pleasant during the 2015-16 school year.

Collaboration on this partnership began three years ago and final approval was received ​from the Chinese government in February.

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