University releases full diversity and inclusion report

University releases full diversity and inclusion report

CMU president to appoint committee to determine next steps

Findings and recommendations from Central Michigan University's diversity and inclusion assessment were posted online today. The report is one tool being used to inform the university's path forward in upholding values such as integrity, respect, compassion and inclusiveness.

In January, CMU President George E. Ross will announce the appointment of an equity and inclusion recommendation committee to review the report, conversations on campus during the past year and previous faculty research to determine possible next steps. Ross also said he expects to announce a team that will look at related issues in partnership with surrounding communities.

"Diversity and inclusion involve complex issues that our nation has grappled with for generations. There is not one stand-alone answer, but I assure you that CMU's commitment to diversity and inclusion is unwavering," Ross said.

Appointments to the committee will be based on suggestions Ross has received — and continues to welcome — from students, faculty and staff. He noted that ideal committee members will be able to look across the university, advocating for all differences, as they work to build bridges and bring the campus community ever closer together.

"By working together, we can and will continue to cultivate a community that respects and values others' differences," Ross said.