Updated flexible benefits document now available online

‚ÄčThe document explaining CMU's Flexible Benefits Plan was amended and is available online. You can access the document here.

This document was updated to incorporate changes communicated during 2019-20 benefits open enrollment, such as:

  • Health care flexible spending account and health savings account maximum contribution amounts were updated to the 2019 limits.
  • Dependent eligibility was updated to reflect that Other Eligible Individual (OEI) and children of OEIs are no longer eligible under the MESSA medical/prescription policy for regular faculty.
  • The dental claim administrator was updated to Guardian.
  • A second premium vision plan was added.
  • The gain-sharing program was removed.

Plan provisions can be complicated, so review the document carefully and share it with family members also covered under the plan. If facts and circumstances must be considered for an event or situation prior to July 1, 2019, the provisions of the plan at the relevant date must be applied. Those provisions may be different from the current plan.

If you would like a paper version of the document or would like to have a copy mailed to your covered dependent living in a separate household, contact Benefits and Wellness. There is no charge for a paper copy of the document.

Contact Benefits and Wellness at 989-774-3661 or benefits@cmich.edu if you have any additional questions about how the plan affects you and your covered family members