Faculty, staff engage in shaping new online courses and programs

Efforts spur 40 new courses, 12 new online program

David Patton, co-chair of Central Michigan University's Online Academic Program Committee 2.0, reports an increase in activity among faculty and staff in preparing new courses and programs. Many are online, but some are designed to be offered on campus as well.

"Faculty are engaged and leveraging the expertise of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to prepare the courses that students need," said Patton, interim associate vice president for enrollment management and former chair of geography.

"They're also working with the Academic Development unit in the provost's office to assess student and employer demand for new programs, using data to identify the programs that would serve students well while also growing their departments and colleges," he said.

Highlights of his report, presented earlier this month to the Board of Trustees, include:

Faculty Cohort Online Course Development Program

  • Three cohorts of 17 faculty launched fall 2016, developed seven new online courses, revised 10 others

  • Seven cohorts of 33 faculty launched spring 2017, developing 33 new online courses, revising three others

Academic program analysis and program development process

  • 12 academic program analyses completed

  • Three program analyses in progress
  • Six program analyses in the queue

Examples of new online programs approved or pending approval for 2017-18:

Undergraduate programs


  • Early Childhood Development and Learning
  • Fashion Merchandising and Design

  • Applied Business Communication
  • Athletic Coaching
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Technical and Professional Writing

Graduate programs

  • Master of Arts degree in Special Education
  • Master of Entrepreneurial Transactions
  • Master of Health Administration
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Science in Information Systems
  • Master of Science in Administration/Training and Development concentration

Online programs currently in curricular process

Undergraduate programs

  • Majors — one
  • Major concentration — one
  • Certificates — three

Graduate programs

  • Degrees — three
  • Concentrations — one