Ross reaffirms use of shared governance and communications during organizational review

October 26, 2017

In a letter to Faculty Association President Suzanne Shellady, Central Michigan University President George E. Ross reaffirms his commitment to the ideals of Shared Governance and Communications as well as the policy on academic organization.

The academic organizational review process during fiscal year 2017-18 is occurring at the direction of the Board of Trustees, with decisions ultimately resting with the board based on input from across the university community.

Ross writes that he believes the timetable of the review process is feasible, with recommendations being developed by committees this semester based on meetings, charrettes and suggestions coming from faculty, staff, students, alumni and community leaders.

“I believe that this is feasible under the timetable because I anticipate there will be relatively few changes affecting departments and colleges,” Ross states. “However, the only way to know if the timetable is feasible is to initiate the review process and determine the number of changes that originate from the university community.

“If the number of proposals to reorganize departments and colleges precludes meeting the timeline approved by the Board of Trustees, I will seek their approval to extend the process. However, I am not prepared to do so in the absence of information that would justify this request.”

The letter is available through the documents tab of the academic organizational review web page. The page also includes information such as committee rosters, input forms and frequently asked questions.

Each of the three committees involved with the academic organizational review have begun meeting. Two of the committees have had membership changes since rosters were posted on CMU News on Oct. 11 and announced in Our CMU on Oct. 12:

  • Vincent Mumford, a senior administrative fellow and a physical education and sport faculty member, is moving from Committee II – Academic Support to Committee III – Responsibility Centered Management.

  • Drake Smarch, a senior, was selected by the Student Government Association for appointment to Committee II.

Committee members were chosen by Ross, Provost Michael Gealt and Ian Davison, senior vice provost, from among 80 individuals who were nominated or volunteered to serve. Ross noted that he did not submit nominations. The Academic Senate appointed two members of Committee I – Academic Structure, as it deals specifically with the organization of colleges and departments.

In his letter, Ross states that all proposals for reorganization must be justified by, and will be evaluated on, their potential impact on the ability of CMU to implement the goals of the strategic plan or to position CMU to meet the challenges and take advantage of opportunities over the next 10 to 15 years. Only proposals that meet those criteria will be implemented.

He also states that the review will not address academic programs, although reorganization may provide context for the development of new programs.