Staff Changes at CMU - Mar. 3, 2020


  • Melodi Darling, Senior Office Specialist, OP-5, College of Science & Engineering, 03/02/2020
  • Jody Dittenber, Office Supervisor/Library, ST-5, Libraries – Dean’s Office, 03/02/2020
  • Heather Shetler, Coordinator/Affiliation Agreements, P&A, Licensure/Regulatory Services & Human Capital, 03/02/2020
  • Garrett Broom, Senior Assoc AD/Revenue, P&A, Athletics – External Operations, 03/09/2020
  • Amy Darmody, Senior Office Specialist, OP-5, Student Account Services & University Billing, 03/09/2020
  • Heather DeMoines, Administrative Secretary, OP-5, School of Health Sciences, 03/02/2020
  • Mikayla Jones, Executive Secretary, OP-6, Residence Life, 03/17/2020


  • Chad Moss, Landscape Maintenance Operator, SM-6, Landscape Operations, 02/25/2020
  • Teri Cregger, Executive Secretary, OP-6, Faculty Approval Services, 02/26/2020
  • Michelle Carson, Administrative Secretary, OP-5, College of Medicine, 03/06/2020
  • Sharon Livernois, Asst Dir/CHP Student Service Center, P&A, Academic Advising, 03/19/2020
  • Kyle Deuling, Study Abroad Advisor, P&A, Global Engagement, 03/13/2020

Supervisors: Please remember to initiate a separation transaction through the personnel transaction system as soon as you are notified of an upcoming employee separation.