Staff Changes at CMU - Mar. 11, 2020


  • Jennifer Dehaemers, Vice President/Student Recruitment & Retention, SO, Student Recruitment & Retention, 06/01/2020
  • Martin Shaffer, Landscape Maintenance Operator, SM-6, Landscape Operations, 03/16/2020
  • Brittanie Seward, Senior Office Specialist, OP-5, Faculty Personnel Services, 03/16/2020
  • Devin Elsea, Supervisor/Architectural Trades, ST-8, Architectural Trades, 03/23/2020


  • Robert Hassen, Manager/Graduate Recruiting, P&A, Graduate Recruitment – Admissions, 03/02/2020
  • Melissa Rohen, Senior Office Specialist, OP-5, Libraries – Documents on Demand, 03/13/2020
  • Marci Mayhew, Executive Secretary, OP-6, International Affairs, 03/02/2020
  • Eric Parker, Lab Research Tech II, ST-5, Biology, 03/13/2020
  • Monica Seeburger, Office Specialist, OP-4, Mathematics, 03/13/2020
  • Mary Jo Smith, Custodian, SM-2, Building Services, 03/15/2020

Supervisors: Please remember to initiate a separation transaction through the personnel transaction system as soon as you are notified of an upcoming employee separation.