Staff Changes at CMU - Mar. 12, 2019


  • Camille Bryant, College Coach/Upward Bound, P&A, TRIO Programs – Detroit, 03/11/2019 through 08/31/2019
  • Megan Stevens, Administrative Secretary, OP-5, English Language & Literature, 03/11/2019


  • Shannon Zoerhof, Coordinator/Field Services/SW/MSO, P&A, Special Olympics Program, 03/16/2019
  • Matthew Gross, Student Service Advisor, P&A, Student Account Services & University Billing, 03/19/2019
  • Jody Pierce, Secretary, OP-4, School of Music, 03/08/2019
  • Jacob Anglebrandt, Success Coach, P&A, Student Success, 03/15/2019
  • George Thayer III, Manager/Technical Services, P&A, Help Desk – OIT, 06/28/2019
  • Tyrone Jordan, Executive Assistant to President/Metro Detroit Outreach, P&A, Detroit Outreach, 04/30/2019
  • Julie La Dell-Thomas, Distance Education Librarian, P&A, Library Research & Instruction Services, 06/28/2019
  • Kiera Miller, Assistant Director/Chippewa Athletic Fund, P&A, Athletics – External Operations, 03/13/2019
  • Thomas Rohrer, Director/GLISS, P&A, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, 06/28/2019


  • Laurence Stock, Supervisor/Lab Operations, ST-7, Chemistry & Biochemistry, 06/28/2019
  • Lisa Hadden, Executive Director/Mid-Central Regional AHEC, P&A, College of Medicine, 06/28/2019

Supervisors: Please remember to initiate a separation transaction through the personnel transaction system as soon as you are notified of an upcoming employee separation.