Staff Changes at CMU - July 24, 2019


  • Donald VanOrden, Custodian, SM-2, Building Services – Wightman, s.a.c., 07/08/2019
  • Jennifer Hesselink, Custodian, SM-2, Building Services – Aux – Herrig Hall, s.a.c., 07/08/2019
  • Alancia Crossley, Residence Hall Director, P&A, Residence Life, 07/24/2019
  • Ashleigh Begres, Pre-Major Advisor, P&A, Academic Advising, 07/29/2019
  • Ling Zhang, Director/International Outreach & Recruitment, P&A, Admissions Recruiting, 07/30/2019
  • Sydney Davis, Care Advocate, P&A, Residence Life, 08/05/2019
  • Shaun Holmes, Assistant Director/Technical Support, P&A, Help Desk – OIT, 07/22/2019
  • Joneil Cook, Administrative Assistant to Vice President/Advancement, P&A, University Advancement, 07/22/2019
  • Kristi Chipman, Manager/Supervised Experiential Learning, P&A, Nutrition Program, 08/12/2019


  • Stephen Kull, Associate Vice President/Advancement, SO, Development, 07/03/2019

Supervisors: Please remember to initiate a separation transaction through the personnel transaction system as soon as you are notified of an upcoming employee separation.