Staff Changes at CMU - June 5, 2019


  • Mikayla Jones, Administrative Secretary, OP-5, Human Environmental Studies, 06/03/2019
  • Zachary Evans, Academic Advisor, P&A, Academic Advising, 06/05/2019
  • Matthew Oberlin, Assoc AD/Capital Projects, Facilities & Events, P&A, Athletics – Internal Operations, 06/19/2019
  • Amy Malheim, Director/IPEP Center, P&A, The HH & GA Dow College of Health Professions, 07/01/2019


  • Kevin Page Zuker, Custodian, SM-2, Building Services, 06/07/2019
  • Aimee Toth, Senior Office Specialist, OP-5, Scholarships & Financial Aid, 06/12/2019

Supervisors: Please remember to initiate a separation transaction through the personnel transaction system as soon as you are notified of an upcoming employee separation.