Staff Changes at CMU - Oct. 16, 2018


  • Lauren Prout, Academic Advisor, P&A, Academic Advising, 10/15/2018
  • Matthew Kearney, Assistant Director/Multimedia Services, P&A, Athletics – External Operations, 10/15/2018
  • Donald VanOrden, Custodian, SM-2, Building Services – Swing All Campus, 10/15/2018
  • CJ Yerington, Pre-Major Advisor, P&A, Academic Advising, 10/15/2018
  • Jamie Reinert, Lab Animal Husbandry Technician, ST-5, Research & Graduate Studies, 10/15/2018


  • Anthony Rhodes, Assistant Director/Financial Aid, P&A, Assistant Director/Financial Aid, 10/26/2018
  • Shane Starr, Assistant Director/Chippewa Athletic Fund, P&A, Athletics – External Operations, 11/02/2018
  • Sandra Buchwalter, Administrative Aide, P&A, Columbus, 10/31/2018


  • Sheila Schrot, Web Support Specialist, ST-6, Data & CRM Services – OIT, 12/31/2018

Supervisors: Please remember to initiate a separation transaction through the personnel transaction system as soon as you are notified of an upcoming employee separation.