10 reasons to register this week for CMU’s new wellness program

Earn rewards for taking your health to the next level with CMU's new wellness rewards program through Virgin Pulse. Here are 10 reasons to register this week for the new program, available to benefit-eligible fixed-term faculty, medical faculty and staff:

  1. Earning rewards for being healthy and active is easy and fun with an online dashboard and digital tools by Virgin Pulse.
  2. Participants receive a free activity-tracking device, the Max, which allows you to personalize the program by tracking your steps, distance and calories burned.
  3. Get some friendly competition going with your friends and co-workers by using your Max and the online dashboard.
  4. All of your activity can be tracked online or from your mobile device.
  5. Points can be earned for many activities that make you healthier, such as drinking water, sleeping more and managing stress.
  6. Your points help you earn rewards of as much as $100 a quarter and $400 annually.
  7. Rewards are available as cash or as gift cards to many of your favorite stores and online retailers.
  8. Gain-sharing (yes! It's still available to those enrolled in CMU health plans) will be based on accumulating a minimum of 16,000 points earned during the fiscal year.
  9. Spouses or other eligible individuals enrolled in CMU health coverage also are eligible to participate, receive a free device and earn as much as $200 annually.
  10. Register between June 16 and 30 and you'll be entered into a prize drawing for five $200 awards.

The Virgin Pulse program is part of CMU's new and improved wellness program – Your Health, It's Central – which is designed to give even greater support to employees pursuing healthy lifestyles.

Get ready for the program's July 1 launch: register here today.

Click here to learn how to make the process of registering and ordering your free Max activity-tracking device easier.

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