CMU work hour limits reinstated for 2015

In order to comply with federal health care reform requirements, the 50-hour-per-pay-period work hour limitation will be reinstated effective January 4, 2015.

CMU non-benefit eligible employees include:

  • student employees;
  • temporary staff;​
  • graduate assistants;
  • Global Campus adjunct faculty*; and
  • less-than-half-time fixed-term faculty*. 

All assignments, including work for multiple departments, count toward the total hours per pay period.  An employee cannot, for example, work 35 hours a pay period for one department and 30 hours for another.  The total hours need to remain at 50 or lower. 

Supervisors and employees can access a Frequently Asked Questions document for more background.

*Work hour restrictions for Global Campus adjunct and less-than- half-time fixed-term faculty are applied as approximate caps. Refer to the first question on the Frequently Asked Questions document for more details.