CMU Today guidelines

  • CMU Today is intended for messages of up to 100 words about Central Michigan University operations, resources and activities.
  • It is not intended for communication about events, although University Communications reserves the right to make exceptions. You can find and submit event-related information on the CMU Events calendar.
  • You also can send University Communications suggestions for possible coverage through the "Share your news" submission form.
  • Only current faculty and staff may submit CMU Today messages, and University Communications reviews all submissions. Messages that will not be posted include but are not limited to events, job postings, and notices pertaining only to students or a limited audience. The Student Affairs website includes information on how to submit messages for students.
  • Announcements intended for Monday editions of the CMU Today email must be submitted by 1 p.m. on the previous Friday to be considered. Deadlines are 3 p.m. Monday-Thursday for the next day’s email.
  • CMU Today messages should be written in paragraph form.
  • Each message will appear only once; "reminder" messages will not be permitted.
  • University Communications reserves the right to edit or reject announcements for any reason, including noncompliance with the university's advocacy policy or solicitation and fundraising policy.
  • Also, please remember that not all employees use email or computers regularly. Reaching everyone in your intended audience may require other communication in addition to CMU Today.