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Caryn Shick founded two companies, incuba8 and incuba8LABS, to assist people through the business startup and expansion process. incuba8 is an innovation and design consultancy that offers ideation, strategy, and design services alongside workshops and programs for aspiring entrepreneurs and educational institutions. incuba8LABS is a coworking and idea development space in Midland, MI.

Caryn is enthusiastic about design and strategy, and her main focuses are early stage ideation, visioning, and marketing. She loves aligning people's passions and goals with customer needs to create the most impactful and viable offering possible.

Caryn is actively involved with the New Venture Competition at Central Michigan University. She previously held Ideation Tuesdays weekly at Central Michigan University's Research Corporation. She also has been the Entrepreneuer-in-Residence at Northwood University and served on the Advisory Board for the Alden B. Dow Center for Creativivity and Enterprise.

She holds a BS in Entrepreneurship from Grove City College and an MBA from Northwood University. Caryn has gained press coverage from both Forbes and Inc. Magazines.