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Vice President for Research and Innovation



Dr. David C. Weindorf currently serves as Vice President for Research and Innovation at Central Michigan University. Dr. Weindorf holds a B.S. in Range Management, M.S. in Soil Science (geochemistry minor), and a Ph.D. in Agronomy from Texas Tech University (TTU).

Dr. Weindorf is a Fellow and Presidential Award winner of the Soil Science Society of America, having served as chair of the Pedology section (S-5) in 2016. He is a licensed Texas Professional Geoscientist. He currently serves on the editorial boards of Pedosphere and Geoderma, and on the board of trustees for the Compost Research and Education Foundation.

A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Weindorf has published >180 peer reviewed research papers in top international journals germane to soil/water/compost science, environmental quality assessment, and international, translational soil taxonomy. Dr. Weindorf’s research team provided emergency response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Gold King Mine spill, the latter of which he was called upon to offer testimony to the US Senate.

Holder of two awarded patents, Dr. Weindorf is widely considered an international authority in proximal sensor characterization of soil, having authored multiple methods papers for successful proximal sensor use. He is Executive Producer of the acclaimed documentary film “Between Earth and Sky – Climate Change on the Last Frontier.” Previously, Dr. Weindorf served as Associate Vice President of Research at TTU, Associate Dean of Research and BL Allen Endowed Chair of Pedology in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (TTU), and Associate Professor and Assistant Professor of Soil Classification/Land Use at Louisiana State University (LSU). Prior to that, he was an Assistant Professor of Soil Science at Tarleton State University. In addition, he served as coach of the intercollegiate soils judging teams at Tarleton State, LSU, and TTU.

More about David Weindorf

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  • Fulbright Specialist at the Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur (2018)
  • TTU International Impact Award (2017)
  • Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) Fellow (2017)
  • SSSA President's Award (2017)
  • TTU Faculty International Scholarship Award (2015)
  • USDA-NRCS National Cooperative Soil Survey's Eagle Award (2012)
  • LSU Gamma Sigma Delta's Agricultural Teacher Honor Role (2011)
  • Fulbright Scholar at Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agricole şi Medicină Veterinară in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2011)
  • Sedberry Award for Outstanding Graduate Teacher in the LSU College of Agriculture (2010)
  • LSU Gamma Sigma Delta's Teaching Award of Merit (2010)
  • Dr. Weindorf holds a B.S. in Range Management, M.S. in Soil Science (geochemistry minor), and Ph.D. in Agronomy from Texas Tech University (TTU). 
In his research career, Dr. Weindorf has focused extensively on the development of new applications for proximal sensors, particularly portable X-ray fluorescence (PXRF) spectrometry, and visible near infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (VisNIR DRS) for soil survey and environmental quality assessment. A considerable component of his research features international engagement in Brazil, China, India, Romania, Italy, and South Africa. Dr. Weindorf and his research team have published more than 200 peer reviewed research papers on topics ranging from classical pedology and proximal sensing applications to optimized land use management techniques. He has been awarded multiple patents for his novel sensor approaches.