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Paul Zielinski received his Master of Business Administration and a bachelor's in information technology from Central Michigan University.  He also holds a degree in psychology from Mid-Michigan Community College.  Paul Zielinski has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has worked previously at Dow Chemical, Isabella Bank and most recently CMU in the College of Business.  At Dow Chemical Paul held the position of Unix administrator and helped in consolidation of Union Carbide's WVO Data Center.  At Isabella Bank as a Systems Engineer, Paul engineered their virtual infrastructure environment that helped the bank grow in size from 600 million to 2.37 billion dollars in assets.  At the CMU College of Business, Paul maintained the virtual environment for the SAP team and VDI infrastructure for individual classes and researchers.  Paul is married to his wife, Kelly, and they are raising their two sons and living in Mt. Pleasant.