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Paul Schulten's main area of expertise is Ancient cultural history. From 1978-2005 he taught at the Department of History of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In 2006 he joined CMU as a visiting professor, where he has taught courses in Ancient and Military History.

  • (with L. Jansma) Religious Movements. The Hague, 1981.
  • The CircumcellionsA  social-religious movement in Late Antiquity. The Hague, 1984.
  • (with P. Knegtmans) Collaborateurs van Niveau. Amsterdam, 1996.
  • (with H. Binneveld e.a.) Leven naast de Catastrofe. Nederland tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog. Hilversum, 2001.
  • (with M. Kraaijestein) Wankel Evenwicht. Soesterberg, 2007.
  • (with M. Kraaijestein) The Epic of Gallipoli. Soesterberg, 2009.
  • Canon of World War I. Zutphen, 2014.
  • It was only a joke. The Humor of the Greeks and the Romans. Soesterberg, 2015
  • Ph.D in Ancient History and Classical Languages from Leyden University, 1961

Paul Schulten's main area of expertise is Ancient cultural history, with special focus on Ancient Greek and Roman conceptions of humor.  His other area of research concerns military history and various aspects of the world wars.   He has also collaborated with CMU emeritus professor David Rutherford on an annotated critical edition of the 15th century Latin manuscript.