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I am a truth teller with a gentle heart and a fierce spirit. I am passionate about speaking truth to power. That passion is rooted in the love, community, and hard truths those that have come before me have imparted into my life. I am a product of those that have come before me. With 14 years of experience in Higher Education and Student Affairs, I am committed to the continued work of dismantling White Supremacy Culture in myself, supporting others to do the same, and overhauling our institutional impact.

I believe we all have space in our work to grow our capacity. Our learning, unlearning, and healing is never done. I find joy in being in collective community with other white folks as we find accountability, truth, and joy. I believe in following the lead of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color that are asking us to show up better in this world.

Through my approach, I hold the complexity of being both gentle and fierce, this work may feel overwhelming and together you are never alone. To make systemic change we must start with us as individuals so we can show up ready to dismantle the systems created and we have upheld. My works foundation is in Intergroup Dialogue, a pedagogy which has shifted how I view engagement across difference and healing.

Courses Taught

CGL 445
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Without community, there is no liberation.