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Valerie Faber serves as the Assistant Director of Fitness/Wellness for University Recreation. Before joining CMU in January of 2022, Valerie was creating communities and connection through health and wellness programs at YMCA’s, Non-Profit Organizations, and local schools. She promotes culturally diverse programing that allows our students and community to show up as their authentic selves, while in a safe environment. 

Valerie has spent the last 14 years in the fitness industry, leading group fitness programs for a range of individuals from preschoolers through older adults; leading transformative programs for special populations and emphasizing the importance of holistic wellness. 

Her goal is to help others create a practice that is sustainable and fulfilling, whether that’s a combination of strength training, dancing, cardio, or whatever’s calling you on any given day. She knows variety is the spice of life–both in and out of the gym.

More about Valerie Faber

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Exercise Science

Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.