Anthony J. Cavataio

Anthony Cavataio Student

Shelby Township, Michigan
High School
Utica High School
Recreation and event management
College of Education and Human Services
Leadership and advertising
August 2016

Transferring skills from the classroom to the workforce

“I am currently the official Harlem EatUp! Festival intern at Karlitz & Co. in New York City. I have been able to directly correlate skills I learned in the classroom to this internship in hopes of fostering a path for future CMU commercial recreation students. I am showing my internship site what it means to be a CMU Chippewa.”

Get to know administration members

“There is not one person who has influenced me the most because the administration takes the time to get to know students. Every faculty and staff member is willing to help in any way possible. Students have the opportunity to do what most will never experience at other schools – meet and have one-on-one conversations with administrators like President George Ross and Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Tony Voisin.”

Find a degree that suits you

“I came to CMU to pursue a degree in biology and quickly learned I did not enjoy it. So I switched my program to integrative public relations. While these courses were more enjoyable, they still were not what I loved. I bounced around between a few other programs before finally discovering the recreation program. The best advice I was ever given was to do what you love, and in this program I am able to do that.”

Do not settle

“The best advice I can give an incoming freshman is to not settle for anything less than what you expect. If you are not completely happy with a major or program you are a part of, do not let a time frame stop you from doing something you love.”

Being a Chippewa is a family thing

“Being a Chippewa is not only my thing, it is my family’s thing. I was able to share being a Chippewa with my oldest brother, Vince, then my brother Nick. Now my younger sister Marissa attends CMU. Being a Chippewa is truly a family affair, maroon and gold runs through our veins.”

Take advantage of every opportunity

“While I was here I regret not taking advantage of the Study Abroad program. If I could go back, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Involvements at CMU

  • Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity
  • Academic Orientation mentor
  • Campus Ambassador Program
  • Leadership Institute scholar
  • Leadership Safari
  • 2015 Greek Week co-chair
  • Homecoming Ambassador