Brad Brookens

Brad Brookens Staff

High School
Coordinator of University Stores and Warehouse Operations
University Stores and Warehouse Operations
Brad officiates high school football games around the state.

Brad Brookens may not have the most traditionally student-oriented job on campus, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t impact the lives of CMU students every day.

As coordinator for university stores and warehouse operations, Brad and his department handle nearly every item on campus – from reams of paper and desks to staplers and computer servers.

“In my job, I mainly serve other employees at CMU. So while I don’t directly serve students, I realize that what I do is an important part of the product we put out as a university. I always say that we are in the business of manufacturing futures here at Central. As a CMU alumnus and an employee, I am proud to be a part of that.”

And there’s never a dull moment to be had.

“One of the best things about working at Central is the variety,” he said. “When I think about what I do on a daily basis, and the various people I get to interact with, very little about my job is routine.”

But by far, said Brad, his favorite part of the job is the people.

“We do have a unique community here. You walk across campus and say hi to everyone, and everyone is friendly, and there’s a real feeling of family or community on campus,” he said.

CMU and the Mount Pleasant community are uniquely intertwined, said Brad. This makes for a great connection when he encounters CMU alumni across the country in his role as coordinator.

“I love running into CMU alumni in my job, whether it’s salespeople or manufacturers with parts. No matter where you go, it seems like you’re bound to run into someone with a CMU shirt, and it’s that instant connection. You can bring up something in town, and it’s the immediate recognition, the sense of community.”


Fast Facts


This year is Brad’s 20th anniversary working for CMU.


He also is a CMU alumnus.


The university stores warehouse holds over 2,600 items and $400,00 in inventory for CMU.