Bradley Davis

Bradley Davis Student

Hudsonville, Michigan
High School
Hudsonville High School
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
History and psychology
May 2016

“CMU is such a warm and inviting campus. People are so accepting of what you think, and I have never felt out of place. It feels like home.”
“I never thought I would be able to handle all of the volunteer work I have done here. In high school, I was never one to throw myself into one-on-one social situations, but programs such as Adopt-A-Grandparent and Conversation Partners have really opened my eyes and allowed me to grow.”
“I previously had not considered continuing on to graduate school. If it were not for all of the programs I have gotten involved in, I do not think I would have taken that leap and decided to go. The professors have helped show me that it is worth going.”
“Time management can be difficult between classes, extracurricular activities and work. It can be difficult to find time for yourself, but that time is really important. Get involved around campus, but make sure to not overextend yourself.”
“I have found a group of friends who really encourage me to succeed and be the best person I can be. You need people in your life who are going to help you realize your potential.”
“It took a long time for me to reach out and get involved with volunteering and joining an RSO on campus, but once I did, I completely grew and transformed as a person.”
  • Conversation Partners
  • Adopt-A-Grandparent
  • Intramural sports
  • Student Philosophers