Brianna Hughes

Brianna Hughes Student

Pontiac, Michigan
High School
Oxford High School
College of the Arts and Media
Media Design, Production and Technology
May 2018

Never turn down an opportunity to broaden your horizons

“The FENCES Faces of Migration workshop was an opportunity I never expected to have while in college. I had not previously worked on a photo story, so when my advisor picked me as one of the students to participate I could not pass up the opportunity. The biggest lesson I took away is that you are a person first, before you are a photographer. I need to show that side of me to my subjects so they are able to get comfortable with me.”

Meet new people

“I think one of the most difficult parts of college is befriending groups of people that are different from you. Whether they are in your major or live in your hall, college is the perfect time for you to expand your horizons and meet new people.”

The community is unlike any other

“The community aspect at CMU is my favorite part of going to school here. I have had such positive experiences with everyone I have encountered. Everyone really comes together to make this community the best it can be.”

Take your time choosing a major

“It is OK to not know what you want to do when you get here. When I was a freshman I thought I needed to know my major right from the start, but you will find what you want to do throughout your years of exploring.”

Leadership Safari helps make the transition smoother

“I loved Leadership Safari because my group was extremely connected throughout the experience. That week made me so much more comfortable with the idea of college and the campus.”

Involvements at CMU

  • CM Life
  • Central Press Photographers Association
  • FENCES Faces of Migration workshop
  • MAC Scholar