Caroline Murray

Caroline Murray Student

Rockford, Mich.
High School
Rockford High School
College of Business Administration
Applied Business Communication
Over the summer, Caroline worked as a legislative intern in the Michigan House of Representatives through CMU's Capital City Internship program.

“As older students, we feel it’s our responsibility to help the younger generation. Because a lot of problems in our world can be solved simply by helping other students get their education.”

Caroline Murray is definitely a busy person – from her summer internship with Michigan’s House of Representatives, to serving as a Student Government Association senator and an RA in Larzelere Hall. On top of all that, she functions as the Grant and Research Manager for the nonprofit Pack Your Back, helping to collect school supplies for children in need across the state.

“School supplies seem like such a small thing, but in reality, it’s almost essential. Imagine going to school without pencils or paper – I certainly couldn’t do it. So if we can provide students with this little thing that makes all the difference, we think we can help change the world.”

Murray credits CMU’s hands-on mentality for allowing her to jump in with both feet and get involved in everything college life has to offer.

“CMU has really taught me how to get outside my comfort zone and really get involved. I used to be kind of a shy kid, not really getting out there, not really pushing the boundaries. But since I’ve been at CMU, I’ve really been surprising myself with that I’ve been involved with. I never would have guessed that I’d be an SGA senator or an RA, but CMU has really taught me that I’m capable of pushing myself to the limit.”


Fast Facts


Caroline helped start the organization Pack Your Back.


She plays piccolo for CMU's Marching Chips.


Caroline serves as a senator for the Student Government Association and a Resident Assistant for Larzelere Hall.