Caryn Bartholomew

Caryn Bartholomew Student

Blissfield, Michigan
High School
Notre Dame Academy
Communication Disorders
College of Health Professions
May 2016
“There are way more opportunities here than I ever could have expected. Central has opened so many doors for me to become involved in organizations I never even knew existed.”
“Leadership Safari taught me a lot about flexibility because things can change in a moments notice. Knowing how to adapt in difficult situations is going to be so useful in my future when I work in a hospital setting."
“I’m putting my stamp on the world today by mentoring incoming students and freshmen through my involvements with Leadership Safari and the Campus Ambassador program. I like to know that I am helping to ease the transition for them.”
“My biggest challenge in college was making the transition from living at home to living in a residence hall. I was extremely homesick my first semester and even considered transferring closer to home. After getting involved and meeting new people, I made CMU my home. I think all freshmen should remember, regardless of how challenging it may seem at first, you will make it through and be a better person because of it.”
“All incoming freshmen should branch out, regardless of if they already know what they want to study and what clubs they want to join. I was able to find things I would have never been able to see myself doing previously, all because I stepped outside of my comfort zone.”
  • Leadership Safari guide
  • Campus Ambassador
  • Health Professions Residential College
  • Association of Future Speech-Language Pathologists
  • His House Christian Fellowship