Cetera Fisher

Cetera Fisher Student

Alma, Michigan
High School
Alma High School
Fashion Merchandising and Design
College of Education and Human Services
May 2016
“I live about 30 minutes away, and I love that I can go home and see my family and friends.”
“I like to do really well and challenge myself, but I didn’t do as well as I wanted to in biology, so that kind of scared me as to what I would be headed for in pre-med. It just wasn’t the right environment for me. I’ve always loved making clothes, sewing and illustrating, and I figured a minor in apparel merchandising and design with a pre-med major wasn’t really going to look good, so I decided to switch.”
“Finding time to both push myself and to take in all that I can while still finding time on the weekends to go home and see my family and friends is challenging.”
“Understanding that some people’s comments about what I do – the projects I do, the garments I make – and what I’ve done may not be so nice, but I can use that to do better and to make myself better. The little comments kind of tread on you along the way, and understanding and growing from that is important.”
“One class that I recently had – a collection development class – was like a capstone to all the other classes I’ve had in which I learned all the fundamentals. In the collection development class, I was able to take all that knowledge and make my own collection for the Threads Fashion Show.”
“My freshman year, I realized there was a fashion show students could be in. Through my collection development class this year, I designed my own collection and used it in Threads. I learned that I can grow from criticism and that it’s a really fun experience to have your garments be on stage and on the runway. I love seeing things come together and seeing my ideas become reality.”
“I’m doing what I love – not what might be the most financially successful. I could completely flounder and break, but I’m still trying really hard. This is my life; I only get one shot.”
  • Threads designer
  • Vice President of Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design
  • Special Olympics volunteer
  • Studied abroad in Rome