Chris Fowler

Chris Fowler Student

Southfield, Michigan
High School
Detroit Country Day
Theatre and Interpretation
College of the Arts and Media
May 2016​
“A lot of times people think success happens once they achieve something other people can see. People think we’re successful during the season when we are winning games in the spotlight. That’s not how I see it. Success happens behind the scenes. Success was happening during our intensive workouts, watching film and going beyond what was expected of us.”
“CMU has a very supportive campus and community. The people are always smiling and saying hi, even if they don’t know you. I can’t remember ever seeing a mean person. If you have an idea, you can find somebody on campus who will help you get what you want out of life.”
“My faith has helped me realize that God doesn’t make any mistakes. There is always a lesson to be learned behind every negative situation. I had six knee surgeries in high school and spent a lot of time asking God why. I learned that if it wasn’t for the knee surgeries I would be a major basketball player, but I wouldn’t workout like a major basketball player. Those injuries taught me how to fight through adversity. Just because things don’t happen like you want them to doesn’t mean they didn’t happen for a reason.”
“CMU has taught me to make decisions with my mind and not my emotions. If you make decisions relying on your emotions, you’re never truly in control of what you do. However, when you use your intellect, you will make better decisions because you’re able to think clearly.”
“The basketball team struggled my freshman and sophomore year but I realize now how much stronger those seasons made us. It’s tougher to play when nobody’s shows up to the games. We had to figure out how to practice and make better plays when very few were cheering us on. If we didn’t experience those failures, we wouldn’t be having the success we are this season.”
“Never prioritize your social life above your academics. You will never miss out on how fun college is because you work hard. College activities are always happening. Do your homework before you go out even if it isn’t due immediately. If you do that, you can enjoy your social life more because you’re not worried about staying up too late and not having enough time to finish your homework. You might have to miss an activity or two, but you’ll be more happy in the end.”
“It’s easier to focus in the morning because there’s never anything going on. Have a routine and a plan so you’re not guessing what is going to happen throughout your day. If you have a plan for your day, you can stick to the plan and get the results you want out of life.”
“Children don’t really know the difference between everyday people and superstars. When they see other athletes and me, they automatically see us as influential people. To them we are LeBron James. Everybody is somebody’s role model. We have to be careful of what we say and do because we never know whose life we can touch. That applies to everybody – not just athletes.”
“If I can get a group of people to reframe their minds to realize that hard work, loyalty and dedication is better than fame, partying and money — If I can get people to do things for their family instead of doing things for likes, favorites or retweets — If I can even get just one person to want to be better and work hard to improve instead of working hard to be noticed – then I’ll feel like I put my stamp on the world.”
  • Men’s varsity basketball
    • 2015 First Team All-MAC
    • 2015 First Team NABC All-District
    • Finalist for the 2015 Lou Henson National Player of the Year Award
    • 2015 MAC All-Tournament Team
    • CMU All-Time Assist Leader (533)
  • President of School Matters, elementary athlete mentorship program
  • Special Olympics Michigan
  • St. Louis Elementary walk-a-thon