Cory Wormmeester

Cory Wormmeester Student

Caledonia, Michigan
High School
Caledonia High School
Recreation and Event Management
College of Education and Human Services
Hospitality Services Administration
December 2015
"CMU has provided a good education, diverse culture and the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with students and staff."
"Attending CMU has been a unique experience because of the opportunities that have opened up for me. Over the four years I have been here, I was able to work for great companies, such as Red Bull, which gave me the opportunity to meet many people that have guided me to where I am today."
"I am a volunteer coordinator intern for the Chicago Festival Association, which provides me the experience to manage over 1,400 volunteers for two parades, the 82nd McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade and The Halloween Gathering Festival/Parade in downtown Chicago."
"I chose the recreation and event management degree because I love working on big events to create fun for others and give them a lasting memory of their experience."
"Recreation faculty members like Tim Otteman have impacted my college experience because he challenged me to be the best recreation and event management student as possible through his advising and teaching methods. He also was part of the team that gave me an unforgettable opportunity to partake in the planning of the Gus Macker basketball tournament at CMU."
  • Sponsor relations chairmen for the CMU Gus Macker 3v3 basketball tournament
  • First Year Experience: Resident Assistant
  • Volunteer coordinator for the Chicago Festival Association
  • Chicago Loop Alliance marketing committee member
  • CMU Red Bull student brand manager