Delaney Dillon

Delaney Dillon Student

Walled Lake, Michigan
High School
Walled Lake Central
Marketing with a professional sales concentration
College of Business Administration
May 2016


"There have been a lot of opportunities here for me to build a community of people that are going to encourage me, inspire me and uplift me. You have a completely fresh start."
"You have to do things that scare you every single day, but it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do. You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to grow, but you can't put a dollar sign on that growth."
"Studying abroad was the best experience of my life. I never imagined I would be traveling to Italy for a summer. It was something I saw in pictures, but I never thought I'd be the one taking them. CMU definitely made that opportunity possible by giving me scholarships to make it manageable, and the class credit transferred to make it worthwhile."
“Figure out what you love doing, and center your degree around it. Be involved with things that you love, that are fulfilling and that you are passionate about.”
"I think it's OK to not know what you want to do. Who I am right now isn't who I was six months ago. What was important to me six months ago isn't important to me now. Things change so it's best to go into them with an open mind so you can take in the opportunities that are always around you."
"We have the best professors because they don't have an ego, they care. They know me by name, they know how to push me, and they know how to help me with what best suits my learning habits. They are genuinely helping us be as successful as we can.”
  • Studied abroad in Italy
  • Member of Pi Sigma Epsilon College of Business outstanding student of the year Member of Zeta Tau Alpha His House bible study leader