Eric Withun, Exercise Physiology

Eric Withun Student

Capac, Michigan
High School
Capac High School
Master's in Exercise Physiology
College of Graduate Studies
Spring 2018
Eric is a graduate teaching assistant.

After Eric Withun earned his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from CMU, he knew he wanted to pursue a graduate program. He also knew he would do so at CMU.


He was part of a community: a community of Chippewas and a community of leaders in exercise health.

“It’s not hard to find a community here at CMU,” he said. “The professors are so interested in the same stuff I am and are passionate about teaching. They always make it fun.”

Their passion comes from their experience.

“The professors here have a lot of experience in the health field,” Eric said. “Their stories are always interesting. They are always helpful when you need something, and their doors are always open.”

Eric came to CMU from Capac with intentions of earning an education degree and becoming a physical education teacher at the K-12 level. Relatively early on, CMU opened his eyes to the exercise health field and put him on a new path to earning a master’s degree in exercise physiology.

Eric plans to graduate spring 2018, but has his sights set on a second master’s degree before pursuing his dream of running his own clinic. He said his time at CMU has inspired him to help others.

“I hope to help people in a way that patients come back and we have a relationship, which is a lot like CMU is with me,” he said. “CMU is there for you, and I hope to carry that on in my career.”

Fast Facts


Eric's favorite professor is Karen Lomond.


He came to CMU alongside a high school friend, whom he was roommates with his freshman year.


Eric hopes to run a clinic that combines physical and mental health.