Hannah Seibert

Hannah Seibert Student

New Lothrop, Michigan
High School
New Lothrop High School
Recreation and event management
College of Education and Human Services
General business
May 2017
From the moment I first visited campus for a tour, I felt a sense of community and inclusion. I knew it was the right place for me.
During my time at CMU, I have accomplished so many things I never knew I could, such as becoming the president of an organization, leading 10 students on a weeklong Alternative Break and serving as a Sexual Aggression Peer Advocate.
I went on my first Alternative Break the summer after my freshman year and fell in love with it. The overall experience you can get through traveling, volunteering and building friendships is wonderful.
Through the various Alternative Breaks I have been on, I have learned a lot about what goes on in the world and the different issues people deal with. Working closely with one another, you learn things about CMU students that you never knew before.
During a three-week trip to South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique through Vesabroad — an international volunteer organization — I completed service projects centered on education, conservation and construction. The program opened my eyes to the possibility of combining travel and service for a career with a similar program.
  • Alternative Break site leader for Access to Sports and Recreation in March 2015
  • Alternative Break site leader for Education to Peru in December 2015
  • Weekends tri-chair for the Alternative Breaks Advisory Board
  • Sexual Aggression Peer Advocate
  • A Letter for Better president
  • Spark Leadership facilitator