Heather Syrette

Heather Syrette Student

Dearborn, Michigan
High School
Social Work
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Psychology and Youth Studies
December 2016
“I was recruited through Native American programs to come to CMU and I received some scholarships. I feel like having a recruiter at the tribal college helped me to integrate into the university.”
“Within the CMU community I think that we do a really good job at respecting the values, cultures and traditions of Native Americans.”
“One of my favorite professors, Amanda Garrison, helps me think outside of the box and she challenges my learning. True learning for me is being questioned about why I think certain ways.”
“I really want to work with Native American students. I have a big heart for children and I want to give them some light of hope that there are adults caring about them in a positive way.”
“I mentor through the Niijkewehn Mentoring Program. Students studying sociology have the option of working at an after-school program with local Native American students where we talk to them about culture, do crafts and spend time learning about each other.”
  • Member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames; Ontario, Canada
  • Member of the Little Traverse Bay Band Odawa; Harbor Springs, Michigan
  • Member of CMU’s American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)
  • President of CMU’s North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO)
  • Member of North American Indian Association of Detroit
  • Volunteer through CMU-Niijkewehn mentoring program at Mary McGuire Elementary