Jalen Upshaw

Jalen Upshaw Student

Farmington Hills, Michigan
High School
Harrison High School
Business Administration
College of Business Administration
Sport Management and Legal Studies
May 2016

Reach out to find a mentor

“When I was looking to transfer schools to study sport management, I reached out to the athletic director at a number of different schools to see if they would be willing to mentor me if I went to school there. CMU’s athletic director was the only one who got back with me, and he said he would be more than willing to mentor me, which made my choice of schools easy.”

Your involvement will span further than you ever imagined

“I never imagined I would be involved with the Leadership Safari program for as long as I have been. When I came to school, I thought it was a fun program to get me acclimated to college, but I never thought I would work with the program throughout the rest of my college career. It has really helped me to become a well-rounded leader.”

Volunteer your time to gain valuable life experiences

“CMU is the land of opportunities. No matter what you want to get involved in, people are willing to help you achieve your goals. All the positions I hold here I have because I walked into someone’s office and asked if they could use any help. You have to realize that sometimes you have to be willing to sacrifice your time in order to gain the experiences.”

Leadership roles teach you valuable skills

“Every one of my leadership roles with CMU Athletics has helped me learn to effectively communicate. They have taught me how to motive people and stay motivated myself.”

Help to pave the way for those who are following in your footsteps

“I really want to create opportunities for people who are trying to get into the business that I am getting into because this line of work is all about who you know. I want to be able to open up doors to help others get to where I am right now. My route to where I am now was difficult because I knocked on a lot of doors and many of them did not open. So now it is at the point where I can help make those opportunities easier for others to achieve.”

Only take on the opportunities you know you can handle

“It can be difficult to say no to opportunities that come your way, but remember that there are so many out there and you cannot say yes to all of them while still being a student. There are so many things I wish I could do, but school comes first.”

Endless resources are available to help you succeed

“The resources are here for anything you may want to do. Sometimes you have to put your pride aside and volunteer to do things for free because even though you are doing them for free, you are getting paid in the long run by being able to say you have had those experiences.”

Remember why you came here

“Before I transferred to CMU, I had a lot of people who were reminding me to stay focused and understand what you need to do to get where you want to be. You only have a limited amount of time here to learn what you need to learn and accomplish your goals, so it is important to focus on what you want.”

Involvements at CMU

  • President of club basketball
  • Student manager at Student Activity Center
  • Team manager of the men’s basketball team
  • Practice player for the women’s basketball team
  • Marketing and promotions intern at CMU Athletics
  • Logistics coordinator for Up All Night