Jimmy Nuse

Jimmy Nuse Student

Utica, Michigan
High School
Utica High School
Special education for emotional impairment
College of Education and Human Services
Reading in the elementary grades
December 2015​
“I’ve had so many opportunities here that I don’t think I would have had at a bigger university. Since my freshman year I’ve been able to work on a research project with one of my special education professors at a local elementary school, where we’re studying peer-to-peer interaction between students with special needs and those in the general education population. I’ve already presented at two state conferences.”
“There’s a whole department and faculty at CMU devoted just to special education and counseling. I visited CMU and talked with professors who made me feel like they were really going to care – that I wasn’t going to be just a number. I ended up only applying to CMU because I knew it was the right place for me.”
“My first experience with special education was when I was a student in middle school and volunteered with a group that visited a special needs school on Halloween - we did a haunted forest and helped out in the classroom. That same year I volunteered at a Special Olympics day and was paired with a child with autism. Afterward, one of my teachers came up to me and said, ‘You know, you could do this for a career.’ Then in high school I was a teacher’s assistant at Sylvan Learning Center, working with kids with learning disabilities. I decided the classroom is where I want to be.”
“CMU is preparing me with a foundation to become a special education teacher with textbook information and techniques such as behavioral management in the classroom, as well as real-life situations where I can put the textbook learning into action.”
“Network! In teaching it really is all about who you know, especially when you start interviewing for jobs or applying for graduate school and need letters from your professors and other connections for references.”
“I’m an undergraduate trying to make myself known throughout the local community and take advantage of all the opportunities I can. Eventually I want to get my Ph.D. and work in academia in a university doing what my professors have done for me. My ​professors are so passionate about what they’re doing and about helping me – I want to do the same for someone else and help advance the field of special education.”
  • Serves as an ambassador for the College of Education and Human Services
  • Volunteers at the Center for Children, Families and Communities
  • ​Involved with Connections that Count, a service-learning program to support families with children with special needs