Joi Mitchell

Joi Mitchell Student

Chicago, Illinois
High School
Walter Payton Preparatory High School
College of Business Administration
American Sign Language
Joi spent the spring 2016 semester studying abroad in Australia.​​

When it came time for Chicago senior Joi Mitchell to decide on a college, she was encouraged to look out of state to gain new experiences and meet new people.

“My mom is a high school teacher, and she knew students and faculty at CMU that were able to give me great info and really help me with my transition from a big city to a smaller town,” said Mitchell. “Every time we visited CMU, everyone was so nice to me, and I felt like I could really fit in here.”

Joi wanted a college experience that was big enough to offer new experiences but small enough to genuinely care about her transition from big-city life to small-town living.

“There’s so much to do here. Coming from a big city, I was nervous about what I was going to do in my free time. But there’s always something on campus to participate in. And I love how genuinely caring everyone is here,” said Mitchell.

The network of faculty, friends and family is what kept Mitchell going through the tumultuous first months at CMU, she said. According to Joi, the key to success for out-of-state students is to find people from your home state and create a community of familiar faces.

“When I first came to CMU, I was really homesick for the first few weeks,” said Joi. “I felt so lost with so many people from Michigan everywhere, but once I found people that were from Chicago, we were able to talk about familiar things and help each other out along the way as we transitioned to Michigan and Central.”


Fast Facts


Joi discovered her passion for American Sign Language (ASL) after signing up for a class out of curiosity.


She would like to use her ASL minor and marketing major to create advertisements that are more inclusive to the deaf community.


Joi is a Multicultural Advancement Scholar and a member of the Honors Program at CMU.